A blog all about ‘Beer Mats’

All about beermats, dripmats and coasters!


This site is dedicated to subject of beer mats. Genuine, pulp board beermats. This site will include information about beermats, news, articles and uses to which they have been put. It doesn’t seek to cover any other non-related topic, it is all about beermats! So, if you are an enthusiast, collector, interested party or just want to know a little more about this marvel of modern advertising (yes, the internet does have it’s uses…but), then read on.



  1. Dear beer mat experts,

    I live in Asia and I need to know how to go about to find a good beer mat printer. Can someone let me know about what questions to ask the printer so that I can establish that they print on genuine pulp board and that they have professional and sound production processes. For example, what GSM for the pulp board am I looking for? What printing techniques should they be able to offer?

    I would very much appreciate your advice.


    Comment by Virginie | 5 February, 2009

  2. There are just two beermat manufacturers in the UK, you could try Thirstys, http://www.thirstys.co.uk, they are dedicated beermat manufacturers, rather than just printers. Both UK manufacturers use pulpboard, offer full colour prints and if memory serves me correctly, the board thickness in 1.2mm.

    Comment by Administrator | 5 February, 2009

  3. I am looking for recycled pulpboard to create some of my own coaster (or beer mat) designs but am having trouble finding a US manufacture. I have a friend using Thirsty’s but i really need to find one in the US. Any leads?

    Thanks so much!


    Comment by Kimberly Daniels | 15 February, 2009

  4. Hi,

    I work at the Meningitis Trust, and we are thinking of running another beer mat campaign. We’re just costing it out and things first to see if it’s viable.

    I wondered if oyu had any information on the success rates of any beer mat campaigns, I see lots of people run them, but I was wondering if there were any stats on how effectively they got messages out to people.

    Thanks for your time,

    David Wood

    Comment by David Wood | 12 August, 2009

  5. Dear beermat fanatics,

    I have a large collection of beermats from around the world. I would like to display them by using them for their intended purpose (as a beer coaster) in my house, but do not want them to get ruined/soaked. Is there any method you could recommend? For example: laminate them? Are there clear plastic coasters that hold beermats to display them?

    eager beermat collector

    Comment by John | 18 September, 2010

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