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Pre-Printed Beer Mats available online – Beer Mat Inn

Beer mat enthusiasts that are not in a position to order bespoke mats should consider buying pre-printed beer mats.

The Beer Mat Inn is an online retailer of pre-printed beer mats offering a range of themes. These include beer mats suitable for weddings, Birthdays, Christmas, Twitter addresses as well as themed mats such as fruit, animals, birds, cats and dogs. They also provide national flags and even their own range of unique Smile Face beer mats. The Beer Mat Inn is adding to their range every week.

Because beer mats are supposed to be functional as well as visually pleasing, the mats provided by The Beer Mat Inn are genuine, made with a pulpwood substrate and the designs are litho-printed directly onto the board. In fact, the mats are made by a UK based beer mat manufacturer. All too often, consumers are offered cheap alternatives, which are typically designs printed on paper and then mounted (glued) onto a substrate which may or may not be pulpwood. However, whilst these “beer mats” may look good out of the box, in does not take Einstein to work out what happens when you place this type of may anywhere near liquid!

So, if you are looking for an inexpensive way of owning your very own beer mats, without breaking the bank, take a look at The Beer Mat Inn. They also offer blank (plain) beer mats for art workers and other crafts.


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