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American companies turn to UK beer coaster manufacturers

Companies in America seeking to purchase smaller volumes of beer coasters can now turn to UK manufacturers to fulfill their orders. With UK companies launching new volume breaks, American businesses can now purchase as few as 25 full colour, litho-printed beer coasters to print their advertising, branding or sales messages.

Traditionally, beer coaster manufacturers have insisted on much higher volumes in order to make the purchase of beer coaster financially viable. However, the UK manufacturers have introduced new processes which allow purchasers to opt for much lower volumes, without significant price hikes.

Few USA organizations will accept that they must buy 5,000 or more beer coasters and thow away 80% if they only need 1,000. Even though genuine beer coasters are 100% recyclable, no-one wants to see such waste. Recognizing this fact, one or two UK beer coaster manufacturers have introduced new volume breaks, of less than 1,000, for example, one company is offering 25, 100, 250, 500, and 750.

Even allowing for packaging and delivery, small volume beer coaster orders can be delivered to the United States quickly and inexpensively, allowing American companies to enjoy the same benefits as their counterparts in Europe.


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