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Finally, an online store selling pre-printed beermats!

Well not everyone has the time or inclination to have their own beermats printed, no matter how easy the process or inexpensive. We often need someone to do the thinking for us and why not?

A new online retailer has jost gone live, The Beermat Inn, offering a range of pre-printed beermats, all categorised to make selection an absolute breeze. They have put a lot of thought into the designs and the messages and by all accounts, the range is going to expand every week, so there is every reason to go back on a regular basis. Smart, yes? They also have a ‘wish list’ form, so visitors can tell them what sort of beermats they want in the future.

The pre-printed beermats offer a wide range of messages and topics. From Birthdays, through to weddings, anniversaries and other annual events such as Christmas and Halloween. There is a fun side and a serious side. For example, they have pre-printed beermats that offer sales messages, customer service messages and even life-saving tips, such as what to do with someone that has had a suspected heart attack, electric shock or in unconscious. So, all in all, quite useful.

For businesses, they have common ‘health & safety’ messages printed on the beermats, sales or closing tips for companies in the sales business and even tips, advice of just good practice for customer service people taking calls everyday, with their trusty mug of tea in front of them!

So, if you haven’t got the time or inclination to have your own mats printed, then why not take a look, if nothing else, it may provide you with the inspiration for your own range of beer mats.


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